Bondi Beach Area Makes The Top 10 Australian Moving Destinations.

Bondi Beach Area Makes The Top 10 Australian Moving Destinations.

Bondi beach is one of the most beautiful beach in the whole of Australia, so it’s very easy to understand why so many people want to make the move to no longer just holiday, but to live there.

While everyone knows about the wonderful lush, warm sand and gorgeous blue seas that encapsulate Bondi Beach, not everyone knows about the hidden secret places that are not always explored by the thousands of people who visit Bondi each year.

1.One of the most enjoyable experiences of Bondi, apart from it’s amazing beach, would be the scenic walk from Bondi to Bronte.
It is enjoyed by locals and visitors alike, with it’s jaw-dropping views of the beautiful Pacific Ocean, amazing beaches, and rocky cliffs. This 4 km walk has 3 of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Bondi, Tamarama and Bronte as well as many places to stop and eat along the way.
While walking along this astonishing hilltop path, you may want to stop at Ben Buckler Reserve and get a glimpse of some of the local humpback whales that migrate past this area every year between April and December.

2.The history of Bondi is something that many people are unaware of who visit this beautiful beach. Did you know, that once this whole beach was privately owned, and that it’s owner allowed people to visit his beach. However, when the popularity became so great, he tried to put a stop to the visitors,  but the government decided to make it public land in 1882.

Take a stroll around the streets, and you’ll soon discover some of the rich heritage that is Bondi. From the local post office that was built from 1890-1915 and is located at 127 Bondi Road; that simply oozes with character, to the huge shopping mall on Bondi Junction. The architecture of this area is forever changing and there are always new buildings being designed that are simply breathtaking.

3. Locals love local produce, and Bondi is no exception. At the local Bondi Beach Public school, located across the road from Bondi beach, you’ll find the Farmer Market and Bondi Markets.
The Bondi Farmers Market is packed full of all the local goodies that you could possibly want. From fresh homemade jams, organic meat, gluten free food, bread, fruit and vegetables it is well worth a stroll through on a Saturday morning between 9am and 1pm.

Come back on the Sunday between 10am and 4pm and the place is a buzz again, but this time you’ll find more unique and interesting stalls. There’s antique furniture, artwork, jewelry, food, and the latest designer clothing. The Bondi Markets are the place where locals can pick up a bargain and visitors can enjoy the excitement and uniqueness that is Bondi.

4. When moving to a new area, one thing that I always want to know is how good are the restaurants and local take away places. At Bondi there are so many different restaurants and places to eat that you could almost try something new each week, however there are a few that truly reflect the local vibe.
The Bucket List simply screams Bondi, and is located right on the beach. With it’s beach theme and eclectic interior design this restaurant offers both delicious food as well as the beautiful scenery.

5. There are three beaches to enjoy in Bondi, and each one offers something different. If you want to escape the main crowds on Bondi Beach, then Tamarama Beach offers only 80m of beautiful shore line and has perfect conditions for surfing. Make sure that you swim between the flags, because this beach is known for it’s strong current and rips.
Bronte beach, is the third of the lovely beaches along the Bondi to Bronte walk, and offers so much for the whole family. As well as the beautiful golden sandy beach, there is a lovey parkland behind, which has BBQ areas and a playground for the kiddies to enjoy. You might also like to explore some of the walking trails and discover the hidden waterfalls and rock formations.

6. You can not live in Bondi without experiencing the Bondi Baths. For over 100 years, this Winter Swimming Club has been enjoyed by members and visitors to the area. It offers a 50 meter pool and a smaller kids pool. There is also a sauna and delicious Italian restaurant with fine dinning.

Bondi has always been and always will be a beautiful place to visit, and an even more enjoyable place to live. With the gorgeous views and crashing waves, an abundance of delicious places to eat, it’s no wonder so many people come to call this place home.

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