Instagram Hidden Gems Australia

Instagram Hidden Gems Australia

The Hidden Gems of Australia According to Instagram Hashtags

Many travellers have visited Australia’s headline attractions from the Sydney Opera House to Uluru – and most guidebooks about Australia have very similar must see lists when talking about things to do in the country. But, what about the hidden gems beyond the headline attractions?

Some of this country’s most beautiful locations such as Moreton Island in Queensland and Bremer Bay in Western Australia’s south coast are the gems waiting to be discovered by travellers ready to escape the busier tourist trails.

So if you’ve already ‘been there and done that’ when it comes to Australia’s most common sights and attractions, why not hunt down those out-of-the-way hidden treasures that will give your family an experience that most visitors don’t get to have?

Moreton Island ranks number one in the hidden gems of Australia according to Instagram hashtags –  and it’s easy to see why. It’s a natural wonder, just 25km off Brisbane’s shore, and is the third largest sand island in the world. From exploring its natural beauty (most of it is national park) to learning about its interesting history, there is plenty to do on the island.

From there you can head down to Bay of Fires in Binalong Bay, Tasmania. This beautiful part of Tasmania’s east coast comes in at number two. It is also been named by Lonely Planet as the hottest travel destination in the world, and is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful places in Australia.

South of Australia, you can delight in the sights and sounds of Waterfall Gully. Located in Cleland Conservation Park to the east of Adelaide, Waterfall Gully is a lovely slice of South Australian nature.

Other hotspots include Jurien bay in Western Australia, Wattamolla beach in New South Wales and Ross River in Queensland. From picturesque bays and stunning waterfalls, to tiny towns and hiking trails, the only tough decision you have to make will be where to travel to first.

If you’re looking to get off the beaten track whilst travelling, here are Australia’s most Instagrammed stunning and lesser-known getaway destinations that make our incredible country unique and well worth a visit.

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