Scenic Rim Promotion

As Community Outreach Manager I have the pleasure to announce that Assured Removalists are donating free virtual tours and professional photography to the value of $100,000 in the Scenic Rim area of QLD.

Our goal is to showcase the regions most attractive hot spots and tourist destinations to people looking to visit or move into the region.

We have chosen Splash Studio to undertake the work of creating virtual tours, panoramas, high-end photography of the different locations throughout the area. Splash Studio have created stunning virtual tours for some of Australia’s largest attractions and scenic locations making them an obvious choice for this project.

We are offering this for local venues, tourist attractions, scenic locations, and places of interest to the public to take part. If you are interested or think your business or organisation qualifies please contact me via the form below or email:

  1. The name of your company
  2. Your position in the company
  3. Your company’s website URL
  4. When you would like the virtual tour/photography performed.
  5. What would you like photographed.
  6. Whether there is any documentation or approval required by your company before photography takes place.

To Apply To Recieve Your Virtual Tour and Be Part of The Scenic Rim Promotion Please Contact Me via Email